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Posture- Let’s Get it Straight


Recently, I’ve been having more back problems than usual. Enough problems that I had to take almost a week off from working out recently, and even get a prescribed Medical Massage. Concerned (I’m running in two Half’s in the next month and a half) and confused, I decided to take an introspective look at what I’ve been doing. I haven’t really changed any part of my routine, so what was the deal?

Then it hit me. In the past 7 months, I’ve transitioned into more of a “desk job” atmosphere, causing me to sit more than I have in years (even when I was in school and had class). When I was a GA and a student Building Manager, I was always up and moving. Now, as an Office Manager and Blogger for the Rec, I am more stationary and focused on the computer. Not that this is a bad thing, I love my jobs, but I think I was oblivious to how different they were in terms of movement. If you haven’t guessed by now what I’m trying to get at, let me be blunt…

My name is Christine Lavery, and I have horrible posture.



Ok, so I’m not quite the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but you get the point.

While this is a serious problem, in a world filled with desk jobs, it is easily one of the most remedied, with a little bit of work of course. In an attempt to watch your back as well as my own, I did a little research. Focusing on your posture has a lot to do with lifting your shoulders, aligning your joints, and strengthening your core. Having the correct posture also has a variety of benefits: better breathing, less neck and back pains, stronger core…and guess what? You look better (and taller)! Recently, I’ve been trying to sit on a Physio Ball whenever I can, rather than a chair (you can’t slouch on a Physio Ball- you’ll fall over). If I have to sit in a chair, I’ve been using a Lumbar Roll, or a rolled towel to support my lower back. It has honestly really helped.


Here are a few other links that I’ve found that may be of interest to you:

Stay Injury Free- How To Be a Better Runner Without Running - For all my runners out there, this article is chalk full of 8 different tips on not only what your posture should be (especially when running), but how to keep it strong.

Wealth of Health- How to Improve Your Posture- This page has tips on how to align certain parts of your body to ensure you have the correct posture. Protecting your back and neck, and letting you breathe easier.

Improve Your Posture While Driving- One Fit Mother – Driving, working, eating, watching TV…all are different, but all generally mean you’re sitting. This “Fit Mother’s” tips are great, and you don’t even have to be driving to do them (hint: you can be sitting at your desk, hence why I included her link).

Like I’ve said in the past, I am NOT a medical professional, so if you’re having serious issues with your back like I did, please consult your doctor. I am also not saying that all of my back issues directly correlated from my poor posture, but it is a fact that it did not help anything. Everyone can benefit from learning more about and focusing on improving their posture. So straighten up, your back will thank you for it.


Do you guys have any helpful tips on improving your posture? Let me hear them!

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4 thoughts on “Posture- Let’s Get it Straight

  1. Great post! With the high percentage of people with “back issues”, sitting posture as well as proper lifting are so important. I am hopeful that this realization is helping you :). I hadn’t thought about the correlation of more sitting when you were home.

  2. Christine,

    Just read this. Great read so far. Complex information put in a format I believe all readers can understand and be engaged in. I exercise daily and believe that this is the first medicine everyone should try.

    Working as a personal trainer, I have notice about 90% of my clients had upper crossed syndrome to one degree or another. They all wanted to just into programs but did not have the proper movement patterns or posture to do so. Many of them had past injuries or current that the just assumed were age related or inevitable. This is completely preventable.

    I have created a small device that is designed to restore lordosis, draw the shoulder blades back, draw the cervical spine into neutral position, and allow the user to sit up effortlessly. I made this product to help the above mentioned people at their place of work or in their commute… The place causing the bad posture.

    I am reaching out to you to look at my project, which is brand new, on kickstarter. There is further development I want to make but the basic functional concept is there. If it seems like something that could genuinely help people, I would love to submit a piece about it on your blog and ask you to guest blog on my website that is still in the works ( If you would like, I would even send you a near retail prototype to try.

    I am brand new to this process and blogging itself so any information, correspondence, and guidance is much appreciated. No matter what, I hope you continue sharing this information and making people healthier. Thank you.

    Yours in Health,

    Brendan Ridings

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